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Introduction to Protecting Peace
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Why I said, "I Will Not Be Denied"

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Video About The Treasure Box Series

The Treasure Box Series Tells

  • Ways to handle assaults to the peace around you.
  • A story about how I handled defamation of character that someone close to me had put on the internet to discredit me.
  • A story about how I handled a situation that blew up in my face seven years later.
  • A formula that helps you prevent chaos and contention in your relationships and associations.
  • Rules for helping people without becoming intrusive in their lives.

It is important to understand correct principles when building a business that keeps you balanced and in alignment to personally and in your business ventures. Business ventures and marriages fail most often when people work too hard on their business and are too focused on their businesses. The following topics are also covered in this book.

  • Accurate thinking must be used when setting goals.
    • Accurate thinking, keeping things in perspective, changing our mindset, staying balanced, being in alignment to succeed with correct priorities are all necessary to being at peace and being happy.
    • Succes in life and business comes with understanding your attitude about money.
      • Living in Abundance comes with attention to finances.
      • Suzie Orman says that, if we don't respect money, money will go play with someone who does respect it.
      • Using a budget and following it!
      • Use the principle to not loan anything that you can't afford to lose when helping people in your business.

    The Treasure Box Series book tells you how to escape the rut in which you've been living in order to live a more fulfilling life.

    • Recognizing the rut and changing
    • Living a life with meaning and purpose.
    • Protecting PeaceJoy, and Happiness
    • Take Charge of Your Life
    • Overcoming Adversity

      The Treasure Box Book and series is about experiences that helped not only myself, but helped others as well. I appreciate the treasures I've collected from them and the strength I have now for handling the information I've learned about our times. Knowing what I know is enough to freak out any one but I am very peaceful about it. If you want to know more about what I'm talking about, check out the site at: www.CanWeBelieveIt.Info

      After 9/11, I embarked on a quest to find more peace of mind, as well as an understanding of how to deal better with my trials in life. As a result, I've learned much about chaos, peace of mind, joy, and happiness since then. I am making better decisions--at least most of the time I am doing better! Maybe I'm not be making the right choice 100% of the time (because I'm not perfect) but more times than not, I do much better than I did ten years ago; perhaps it's more like 85% of the time.

      I am doing better now because I've learned about appropriately responding to situations instead of reacting in default or out of frustration and emotions. Ego and emotions do more damage than anything else when we are in a situation that get's us ticked-off. I do want you to know that I am making better choices now and responding to situations in ways that help me live my life better. I still have some triggers that I need to get an handle on before I can say that I respond appropriately 95% of the time.

      The knowledge that I've gained helps me live a much happier and fuller life. That's why I'm share this knowledge with you. Perhaps, what I've learned helps you when considering your own experiences.