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Protecting Peace of Mind In Chaotic Times

Today, I want to talk with you about protecting peace of mind when dealing with the chaotic world in which we now live. You can be consumed with worry about the future or you can overcome excessive thinking and stop worrying about what you can't control. Accept that you can only do what you can do, and then let God take care of the rest. However, this does not mean you neglect things.

Keep in mind that you always have the choice to answer challenges with preparation, planning, and proper responses to the chaotic situations around you. Of course, you also have the choice to throw it all to the wind and say, "Oh well, I canít do anything about it anyway," and then react out of default to the chaos. Reacting by default or out of default or in default means you react without planning for the possibility of the situation and thus, needing a better response.

My goal is to help you understand that there are always alternatives to reacting out of default. When you apply the principles that are known to keep the peace, you will find there are more options available that create peace of mind, joy, and happiness than there are by reacting out of default, even in your present circumstances.

The following points are those I hope to be able to discuss on this site, but if not, please check my blog. I hope to have it set up soon. However, it would be best if you purchased the book as a soft cover or a PDF so you can see how everything fits together. The book has 396 pages so there is no way I can cover all the important topics in this little website. I hope you will visit my store at

Choices we make in difficult situations affect our souls in a positive or a negative way, and affect the degree of peace and happiness that we enjoy throughout our lives.

The actions taken by the body, when combined with influences from the spirit, affect the soul either positively or negatively and cause a healthy or an unhealthy soul.

The spiritís influence on the mind affects conduct through inspiration, feelings, intuition, telepathy, and spiritual enlightenment. Consequently, the spirit affects the decisions and actions of the mind and body.

Because of actions taken by the body, and the influences of the spirit on the mind, the soul actually a product of what the body and spirit do together. For this reason, conduct has a huge effect on the condition of the soul.

Behavior is the result of what we do with the mind and body. Behavior is also how we are judged and influences how we interact with each other. This means that, in essence, how others treat us influences our self-worth. Our self-worth influences peace of mind and the degree of joy and happiness that we experience.

>Our behavior either attracts to us the people and the things we want or repel them from us.

Thus, our choices and actions directly influence the health of the mind, body, spirit, and soul according to the source feeding the situation: self/ego or the spirit as discussed in detail in the book in the chapter titled "Preserving Peace of Mind." That's why is spend a whole chapter explaining how to change the source that is responding to a situation. Basically, it means that if the action taken satisfies the ego or demands of the body, then the source responding is self/ego. If the action taken is meant to satisfy the needs of the spirit, meaning to protect peace and peace of mind, then the responding source is the spirit.

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