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The Story Behind Writing This Series

I began writing books after an amazing experience happened in March 2000 that changed my life forever. The veil parted and I saw a glimpse of my potential and the opportunities there for me. All I had to do was reach for them. As a result, I knew that I would be successful. I may not succeed according to the way the world judges success, but I knew success would be according to the Lord's judgment and that was enough for me.

I soon realized that I had to write about my experiences. Over the next five years, it was as if a light was shown on each experience so I would understand the lesson and tell people about what I learned. In that way, perhaps people would benefit from the lessons that life so generously taught me.

Why Will People Listen to Me?

Although I have not had professional training in Mental Health and Family Counseling, what I do have is "Life Experience" that help me deal with situations discussed in this book. This experience might be valuable to people who identify with my story. Many readers have benefited from the books in this series and from the way I connect with them (Reader's Comments).

The common-sense techniques I developed for myself to enhance my own understanding of peace has helped me deal with the chaos and contention in my life. These are the same techniques I share with you. I use them to help me respond better to the challenges and stresses of life. As such, my life has been profoundly blessed. You can be blessed as well when you've learned what I have and apply these principles to your own circumstances.

This Book Is Personal!

At the time I began writing about my experiences in a journal, I did not realize that first a book would eventually be written for me and then my family. Wisdom and encouragement came to me in words I had written earlier in my journal. It was as if I was being prepared for the challenging times ahead of me.

What better way is there to teach us lessons than by our own words. I can think of no better way to learn than by using words that we understand and were written our own hand.

I know that, without a doubt, I was given this enlightenment so I could deal with my coming trials and so I would understand how to apply what I had learned; and people say there is no God! It is obvious to me that people who make such a statement have not had close experiences with Him or they would never say such a thing.

People tried to persuade me to give up writing by telling me that I wasn't smart enough to write a book and that nobody would buy it. In spite of family and close friends being negative about my writing-- my children only seeing me as mom and not an expert on anything except a mother--I gained a strong commitment to follow through with my writng and to get my work published. Actualy, their criticism was useful to me and I became stronger because of it.

My prayer is that you benefit from my writing and that you can resolve the conflict and trials in your life, that you will put yourself in the driver's seat, and that you weather the storms that life puts in front of you. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

How To Buy A Book

You need this series to help you in these troubled times and to face the difficulties you will have to handle in the days ahead.

To purchase books in the Treasure Box Series, go to my store at

If you are unhappy with your purchase and feel it does not meet your expectation, I will be happy to refund your money (with a time limit of three months). You can send the book back if it is in resalable condition. If not, please ask for a refund and explain why you are not returning the book. I trust that you will be honest and not take advantage of me. I am just a small business and not wealthy. I will trust your integrity.

I want you to feel you have gained something worthwhile out of the books so please let me know how the book has affected you. Also, please refer this books to others.

Copyright © 2011, Judith Sherman. The material used in this publication is copyrighted, which means it cannot be copied, stored, or transmitted in any way without the express written permission of the author. Please abide by these terms.